Mohabbat Dagh Ki Soorat Is a Guide On How To Create An Unlikable Female Lead

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  1. Salsabeel says:

    I am so glad this torturous drama is over. The only reason I continued to watch till the end was out of sheer loyalty to Sami Khan. It was a horrible drama and even though I usually like Neelam Muneer- I think she was severely over acting throughout the show.
    For me, Shijrat’s mamoon was the only likable character in the entire drama. Yes, Afaaq had the most character growth and his reunion with Saba was a touching one- but that was only because of Syed Jibran & Sunita Marshal’s brilliant acting. Otherwise, their storyline was also a weekly torture session for the audience. I can’t get over how Afaaq’s mother never called him out for being an abusive husband and brother and instead kept pointing out how Saba was mentally unstable because of her desire for a child. Could she not see the emotional abuse her son was inflicting on Saba only because she wanted him to agree to seek treatment or adopt a child?

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