The Finale of “Wehshi” is As Confused and Aimless As Its Second Half

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  1. Kanwal says:

    I think they(production house and director)did not have the guts to go with the novel’s ending because showing abuse as revenge does not sit well with audiences and critics these per novel asif’s was a tragic end ,they wanted to continue with this theme without getting into hot water but failed miserably.
    They could have redeemed him as a good man because he didn’t hurt sobia after all but our dramas are so women centric these days that they had to portray sobia in a better light,forgetting that it was a purely male centric or rather mental health based show and only person who deserved to be the focus of the story was asif.
    Acting in second spell was insufferable,it seemed to have dampened khushhal’s spirits too,he seemed to just wanted to get over with the ordeal.
    Khushhal was phenomenal though for the most part.

  2. Anup Shrestha says:

    I am from Nepal and have become one of d biggest admirer of pakistani drama series..I finished this whole drama in two days with eye pain and headache…so much captivating till 35th episode….and everything just collapsed in the last episode;one of d worst ending ever…all the brilliant acts and direction gone wasted just because of the very poor story plot and direction in the last episode…..not recommended at all

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