Opinion Piece: Will “Fitoor” Go Where Many Dramas Have Gone Before Or Will Its Team Dare To Be Different?

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  1. Tabbi Hale says:

    I find myself in total agreement with your piece.

    It’s high time these dramas need to find a way out for the females in toxic relationships.

    I’m now on episide 40, and sure enough its going that way ….
    Suddenly Mehmil’s husband is back asking her to come back.
    And here she is forgiving all the mistreatment and bad behaviours and going with him.

    Which of course is pointing towards Dilnasheen ending up with Haider.
    The mashraqi larki. Makes me puke.
    Them constantly showing that the only good woman is one who must overlook every sin of a man, put up with slaps, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, infidelity, suspicion in order to be ” good”.

    Asking her brother to forgive her. ? He should ask her to forgive him!

    The end I want, and will admire , will be dilnasheen leaving them all, finding a way to support herself and her child and saying to hell with all 3 men.

    Haider should be made to support her and his child , separately.

    Hamza should show his love is true, by going to rehab, then coming back to her clean.
    At that point he is the only one worthy of forgiveness.

    As for Haider, and Mehmil’s husband, Feroze Khan’s characters in Ishqiya and Khaani are actually MORE worthy of forgiveness and second chances.

    Because both were shown to be impulsive and immature, with Khaani’s also being spoilt and misled by his mother.

    Haider is shown as a mature man. Well, then he is nothing but a chauvinist, unlike the other 2 characters.

  2. Drama watcher says:

    This is a worse drama I have ever seen where a woman is constantly abused by every one including her own mother and brother. Today’s women needs education so they don’t get in to mess. Hyder can have ex girl friend under his nose but his wife is always mistreated. Not a good drama. There is no fun watching. Just get high blood pressure . Chicken without head or tail. Only thing is nice dresses in this drama.

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