“Yeh Na Thi Hamari Qismat” Is Another Story Pitting Sisters Against Sisters

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  1. Bashar says:

    The massacre that occurred in Bangladesh is a result of the country’s partition that is never investigated. Who investigated when India and Pakistan was formed and mass killings were seen. The same way Bangladesh was created with heavy genocides. Both sides accuse each other. After watching this teaser I think this documentary is going to reveal what really happened and what were the reasons of East/West Pakistan separation.

  2. Shakera Tabassum says:

    LITERALLY ALL THE CHARACTERS IN THIS DRAMA HAS ONLY ONE PURPOSE AND THAT IS RUINING A WOMAN’S LIFE. The most disliked characters for me would be the Muntaha’s parents who were presenting their daughters like slaves ready to be sold and they also taught Muntaha the same thing. Good for Alishba that she’s too lazy and probably the reason why she’s sharper than her sister cuz guess what sometimes lazy ppl thinks fast cuz the mind doesn’t have to move like the body

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