Zakham: Agha Ali Is The Star Of This Slightly Repetitive Drama

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  1. Roxy Arora says:

    Agha Ali has made the play a must watch. Though it’s about toxic masculinity and sheer disrespect for women Ali has playthe role of an unscrupulous human to perfection. His personality suits the role completely. Sehar is an upcoming fine actor and would live to see more of her. At first I thought it might take a turn towards the Stockholm syndrome but doesn’t seem to. I would love to see Sikander really beg forgiveness from Sehar and his first wife and make amends for his wrong doings.
    Like the play and look forward to it especially the playback music. And i still feel Sikander has a soft spot for Areej but is too full of himself to admit it.
    Waiting to see that but, too. His first wife is stunning and can understand why she feels so bitter.

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